Travel | Polruan, Cornwall

If you have found my blog perhaps I need to explain that I moved from a .com to a blog and in doing so I lost all followers. Additionally I now no longer blog for other people but for myself and somehow I no longer have the time to read other people's blogs very often, which is a shame. I am keeping it ticking over – maybe one day I will resume blogging. But in the meantime I will be quite random I imagine 😆

So I have just returned from a trip to Cornwall – my childhood home. We went to a small village called Polruan as a family with all of my siblings, their significant others and their children.

When we first arrived at Polruan we wondered why it seemed quiet and somber and we discovered it was the funeral of the ferry master. Apparently he was a much loved man.

It was never much busier than that though. There were two local shops, one of which accepted card, two pubs, two cafes and an old ruined castle. There was also a van with produce that drove up West Street each morning.

We stayed in a small cottage courtesy of Polruan Cottages it was really lovely! It had four rooms and we each had one.

The locals were so helpful with the pushchair as were the people who ran the ferries to Fowey every 15 minutes.

The castle was fun, particularly for the children who enjoyed playing 'castles' and fought imaginary foes. We spent a lot of time their as it was just a one minute walk along West Street, where we stayed.

Much of the roads were not very car friendly and so we parked up for $25 for the week at the top of the village. It was a bit of a slog uphill to the car park but it was a lovely walk too.

In fact, it was rather hard to have a pushchair in Polruan because of the steep roads and the steps but it was eased by all of the lovely people who helped whenever they could.

Photo time:




3 thoughts on “Travel | Polruan, Cornwall

  1. Just clarifying, is a “pushchair” like a stroller for a child, or like a “wheelchair” for an adult?

    Lovely pics, as usual. I hope to make it to Cornwall one day. :/


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